Bespoke Cake Stands by
Bespoke Cake Stands by

As a self taught Artist and welder, I decided to practice by welding scrap metal together, I purchased a mig welder and began to hone my skills, by initially creating small sculptures made from a variety of recycled materials.  With each piece, my technical skills grew and I became further inspired to challenge myself creatively. My journey to becoming an Artist had begun, that was 20 years ago.


Creating my pieces of Art is now a well established creative pursuit of mine. I take my inspiration from many genres expressing my vision, by using only an angle grinder, mig welder, vice, pliers and my hands. With which I add my own unique flair, to produce my Art, using recycled and new  materials.

Each piece is as unique as a single drop of water.


At the start of of 2015 I had the vision to create a "Muffin cake-stand" this started a new genre for me to express my creative flair, and after a few months a new collection was formed.

I have since created a number of sculptures and cake stands for clients, working directly with them to ensure that their vision is fulfilled to perfectly compliment their bespoke cake creations.


I am a true believer that “thoughts can become things”


Please feel free to browse through my sculpture website,

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